Wish By Shannon Cardo

By Shannon Cardo
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Wish is a love note to every child to remind them that while they might grow up, they can keep the magic they saw in their early years with them if they only allow it.

Wishes are inclusive of all people who walk the Earth. We all have wishes, dreams and the ability to see them through, if we don't let Doubt and its friends set in. Wish is relatable on many levels - from the young to the old.

Shannon Cardo’s personal hope is to inspire those who may have lost their ability to see the magic in the world to reclaim it. And for those who still have that gift to obverse those everyday miracles, she hopes this book reminds them to hold onto it tightly.

About the Author

Shannon Cardo was born and raised in Philadelphia for her first 23 years of existence, when she decided to take a chance to move to Stevens Point, WI with the wish to start a new life.

She had $500 to her name, and only what she could carry of her belongings in three duffle bags when she loaded the one-way train ride. And she never looked back.

After retiring from singing in a local rock band to start a family, Cardo faced divorce and finding love again with her true soul partner. He ignited and supported every single wish she’d had for herself that she had long given up on, prior to their meeting, from becoming a CNA to writing, all while being a mother to their four wonderfully unique children.

Cardo is now a remarried mother of four working for a book printing company, Worzalla Printing, in Stevens Point. The experience of printing and finishing many children's books fanned the flames of her wish to become a published author as well one day.

At the young age of 43, Cardo has now reached one of what she had thought was the most unattainable wishes, proving that if you work hard enough, are patient enough, and believe enough, that no wish meant for us ever goes without being granted.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32

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Lynne Servant

Beautifully written and illustrated book with a great message for children and adults! Loved it!