Who Would I Be Without You?

By Eric Stephen Bocks, Illustrated by Madison Ewing
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About the Author

Eric Stephen Bocks is an Author, Singer and Songwriter. He loves writing children’s books and has three “readers” to his credit under the title Wingover Wendover. He lives in California where he is also an almond farmer. “Who Would I Be Without You?” is his first book for ages 2 and up! He is excited to share this journey of special thoughts written from the “parent’s perspective” with the world. This book is for every parent who reads a favorite good night book to their child and is reminded of how much they are loved because… “Who Would I Be Without You?”

About the Illustrator

Madison Ewing is an artist who lives and works in Merced, California. She is passionate about making and sharing her artwork with creatives and art enthusiasts. Madison works with many different art mediums, but is especially fond of watercolor as is evident in the illustrations for “Who Would I Be Without You?” When she is not in her studio making art she enjoys teaching art to children and adults at a local gallery and art school. This project is especially near and dear to her heart as she has a new son with whom she will enjoy reading this book again and again!

Published: 2022
Page Count: 30