Timmy The Timid Cloud

By Elaine Vanderberg
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The people of Summerville have waited all year for Summer- Fun-Day. But when the Big, Bad Clouds start rolling in, threatening bad weahter, it's up to Timmy, the timid cloud, and his friends, Breezey, Wheezey, and Teezey, to save the day!

About the Author

As a child, Elaine Vanderberg read every book in her school library and loved fiction. She still reads several books a week and serves on the Board of the Friends of the Darcy Library in Beulah, MI. She has always enjoyed working for and supporting the arts, even becoming a sliversmith in her spare time. She makes bead bracelets, which she donates, gives away, or sells through her Frankfort Art Center.

Vanderberg has served on more committees than she cares to mention, and still does, and she's also a supporter of her local hospital, both as a volunteer in the gift shop and on the Auxiliary Board. She feels an affinity for the hospital, as she worked as a Medical Technologist for 16 years in her hometown of St. Joseph, MI.

Vanderberg and her husband have three children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandsons. And she never made up a story for any other than McKenzi!

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