The Day The Pig Ate Keith

By Brenda Jordan Strickland
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One beautiful day, Keith goes missing while playing on the farm. Where on Earth did he go? And why is that pig licking his lips?

The Day the Pig Ate Keith, a fictional mystery tale based on a true event as seen from the point-of-view of an eight-year-old, is guaranteed to make you chuckle!

About the Author

Brenda Jordan Strickland is the third oldest child in a family with twelve children. She and her family often reminisce about the “good old days,” and still laugh about the day the pig ate Keith, when young Brenda was convinced a pig had, indeed, eaten her brother!

Growing up on the farm left Brenda and her family with many fond memories and opportunities to laugh. They are blessed to have all fourteen family members alive and doing well—and their family is growing, with spouses, children, and grandchildren! Love continues to bind them together.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 30

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Marcus Jordan
The day the pig ate Keith

This is such a cute story. It immediately took me to a time when life was much more simple.