Perfectly Imperfect

By Victoria Ann
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It’s Megan Monkey’s first day of school. She tries to make friends, but everyone at school is different from her. Penny Panda eats bamboo. Peter Puppy chases his tail. Freddie Frog hops on lily pads. So she comes up with a plan—she’ll be just like everyone else! What could go wrong?

Just like Megan Monkey, every child can be filled with insecurities when they feel out of place or different. It is important for each child to know that he or she has amazing qualities and talents that are unique. Perfectly Imperfect is about being yourself and loving yourself for who you are, including your flaws that can turn out to be your strengths.

About the Author

Victoria Ann grew up in Geneva, Illinois, with her parents, older brother, and her dogs. She graduated from Aurora Christian High School where this book was a creative writing assignment. Her love for writing originated as an outlet and turned into her passion. When she is not writing, Victoria is usually spending time with her dogs, reading, or being a huge Disney enthusiast. The story was inspired by Victoria’s own personal struggle and the hope that this story could help others. She wants everyone to know that they are perfectly imperfect.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 36