Michael O'Poopie

By Kristen Coppolino and Parker Dirvin
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Michael O’ Poopie

This is the tale of Michael O’ Poopie, who poops all over town. Though you might not know Michael O’ Poopie, you’ll smell when he comes around.
Beginning as a family joke between the author, her husband, and their son, the story of Michael O’ Poopie is a cute and funny book about a very stinky problem. This book is bound to make readers of any age laugh, and it provides an opportunity for silly, fun-loving families to giggle together.

About the Author

Kristen Coppolino loves her family! She is a mother who gets immense joy out of spending time with her son, Parker. The relationship she has with him is the most special in the world to her. Coppolino’s mother and father have been great role models in her life and have always treated her like gold by giving her love and support. They showed her what amazing parents are and what love for your child really means. Coppolino looks forward to making her son’s life as special as her own parents made hers.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 38