Lefty Lucy And Lefty Leo

By Kathryn Nelson
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Lefty Lucy and Lefty Leo are two happy-go-lucky kids enjoying life. Unfortunately, their fun is ruined when they realize they are a bit different from others. When using the wrong hand in daily activities at home and in school causes problems, they must learn to handle the task at hand and love what makes them different. Who will they go to for help? And how will they overcome these obstacles?

Lefty Lucy and Lefty Leo: Stories for Left-Handed Children is written by a left-handed author for left-handed children. Not only will Lefties learn and value what makes them unique, they will also have a unique book styled just for them to make reading each story even more enjoyable.

About the Author

When working as a third-grade teacher in Brooksville, Florida, Kathryn Nelson founded a club just for Lefties in her classroom. Each meeting was an hour in the mornings before school each week and lasted for five years, even having an article written about them in the local paper about instilling confidence in left-handed children. They would have writing exercises with correct hand posture, dexterity circle games, artwork, music, and peer support all for the Lefties. Nelson retired from teaching in 2015 after eighteen years in the classroom and now enjoys spending time with her husband of thirty-five years, Joe, and their four children and thirteen grandchildren. She enjoys painting, antiquing, sewing, and playing the organ and piano.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 38