I Am Who I Aspire To Be

By Lexie Denise
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I Am Who I Aspire to Be is an inspirational book of affirmations for young minds to learn to believe in themselves. With so much negativity in the world, children need to be told they are beautiful, smart, and amazing people who can grow up to be whatever they want to be. Parents, through reading, can witness the gears turning and watch their children come to the realization that anything is possible through hard work, dedication, and the drive to succeed. These affirmations, taught from a young age, are sure to be a part of your children’s growth into adulthood and stick with them throughout their lives. The path ahead can be bumpy and rough, but with these little reminders, they will learn what it takes to achieve their dreams.

About the Author

Lexie Denise is a young mother trying her best to practice what she preaches. She can teach her daughter to follow her dreams, but if she herself is not following her own, then she becomes a hypocrite in the eyes of her daughter. So, she sets out to show her daughter that dreams can become a reality through working hard on a daily basis. If it weren’t for the support system of her family, she would not have come this far.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 30