Elliedoone Pie Becomes An Angel

By Grandy
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Elliedoone wants to get her real wings and become a real angel. When she meets Fiddle Diddle, a little boy angel with a sense for adventure, the two hatch a plan to earn their wings by doing good deeds to help the people of Planet Earth. They only have three days to do three good deeds. Can Elliedoone and Fiddle earn their wings in time?

Elliedoone Pie Becomes an Angel is part dream, part adventure, and all about the great rewards you can get when you do something nice to help others.

About the Author

Grandy has always been a creative soul. As a child, she danced, sang, and loved to read. From a young age, she also wrote poems and short stories, but, inspired by her twin grandsons, she has delved deeper into writing. Working with the boys on a “two-sentence story,” she helped to write “The Chocolate Cow”—and it was a smash hit, inspiring the author to create more literature for children.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 30