Derrick Had To Win

By LaShonda Henderson
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Derrick is a competitive boy who loves to race. The only thing he loves more than running is winning. It doesn’t matter who Derrick races as long as he crosses the finish line first. His classmates don’t enjoy racing Derrick very much because there is only one winner. And they always lose. Derrick doesn’t notice how his classmates feel, nor does he understand the value of friendship. Well, not until he loses to the new kid, Isaac. Isaac teaches Derrick how to be a winner and still be a friend.

Derrick Had to Win encourages readers to never lose sight of others, as they journey toward success. They should desire the same treatment and positive outcome for others that they want for themselves. Great friendships can be formed in the process, and victories are best celebrated when shared with others.

About the Author

LaShonda Henderson is grounded because of the great people she has been gifted to share her life with. She has been married for twenty years to the most humble and inspiring soul, Jason. Henderson’s daughter, Hannah, holds her heart with her detailed mind, sensitivity, and passion for others. Her oldest son, Jason Jr., settles her with his calmness and peaceful disposition. Daniel, Henderson’s youngest son, provokes critical thinking with his curiosity, spunk, and problem solving personality. The rhythm of these beautiful blessings keeps Henderson dancing and smiling.

It has been her honor and privilege to work in education for the last twenty-four years. Teaching reading has been an ultimate joy. Story-telling and making history come alive for Henderson’s students was a critical part of her writing journey. Every year a new group of scholars provided vast experiences to share in her stories. She places a high value on building relationships and motivating others.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 34