Alphabet Fruit Salad: Abc... Good For You, Good For Me

By Gina T. Coke
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Alphabet Fruit Salad ABC...Good For You, Good For Me

Alphabet Fruit Salad ABC...Good For You, Good For Me teaches fun and interesting facts about fruits associated with the letters of the alphabet. Author Gina T. Coke uses alliteration to reinforce memory and make for fun reading. Adults know eating a variety of fruit is part of good health. Readers of all ages can rediscover the fun of learning with this unique book.

About the Author

Gina T. Coke is a writer inspired by her life experiences and education. She served 20 years in the U.S. Navy. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Education at the University of Memphis. While serving in the Navy, Gina worked as a Physical Fitness Coordinator. In this role she endeavored to learn about good health through diet and exercise. It is important to make it fun!
Gina has been involved in education at a number of times throughout her career as a substitute teacher, a tutor, a volunteer, as well as a parent guiding her daughter from elementary school to college. She continues to learn and take opportunities to teach. Gina also enjoys nature and long walks outdoors to observe wildlife.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 32