The Knotians

By Reagan Banik & Katie Banik
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Have you ever woken up and wondered why your hair is a complete mess of tangles and knots? Well, it’s not from tossing and turning at night!

It’s the KNOTians - they are teeny tiny star-like things with teeny tiny wings that come down from the night sky and play in your hair. Since they don't have any hair of their own, they love it that much more. They love to play in your hair, but this creates the messy knots and crazy bed head you see in the morning!

So, next time you notice your hair is in a bit of disarray when you wake up, just think of the KNOTians. Maybe your hair isn't just a messy mess, perhaps it's a masterpiece created by play!

About the Author

Katie is a mother of three. Reagan is her second child and only daughter. She loved to write as a kid and like Reagan, she often wrote short stories her family enjoyed reading. She has a bachelor’s in English and a Juris Doctorate.

Her free time, when she gets it, is used to be creative, often working on a few stories she has in the works, some children's books and some general fiction. She hopes to continue to co-write with Reagan on future KNOTian adventures and other stories.

Published: 2023
Page Count: 30