The Cleaners!

By Jacob Henry Miles
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A land created by God that always stays clean. The citizens of Tidy Up Land are sworn to clean it and keep it clean, while the task force, the Cleaners, are sworn to protect the citizens from the dreadful Lea

This book tells the tales of The Cleaners, a fighting squad of characters with cleaning names. Broomy and Dusty, the main characters, and their task force, The Cleaners, fight crime against the League of Filthy. The League of Filthy are a dreadful anti-Cleaners squad, with nasty groups known as the Roachers, Dust Mites, and other filthy members that lie in outer darkness. gue of Filthy.

Twenty-five years ago, a war erupted between the Cleaners and the League of Filthy. Many lives were lost and the war made a huge mess. Many years after the war, the Cleaners suspect a threat to their peace when a recent surge of small attacks spring up by the League of Filthy…

The Cleaners makes cleaning more fun, while reminding us that Jesus is still in control and he is King. This book shows that Jesus is the hero of all heroes.

About the Author

Jacob Henry Miles is from West Oakland, California. He loves reading his bible, writing, and praying. Miles was involved in an accident which left him a bilateral below knee. He overcame by learning how to walk on prosthesis and went back to school.

Miles attended Laney College and finished with honors. While attending school, he became a member of the honor society, Phi Theta Kappa.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 98