My Sister's A Witch (So What Am I?)

By TC Chelsey
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Welcome to your average, unorthodox family of witches, and a couple o’warlocks. Meet a biz savvy dude named Dakota Jackson, a member of this otherwise disenfranchised franchise, partially subsidized by a bountiful supply of medical blunts. It’s a steady gig, however there’s something else brewin’ in the cauldron.

Sista’ Penny is a teen witch with stripper boots. Please do the math. And as Dakota puts it-- “since we’re related to the same baby machine, WHO am I?” Freshman member of the Craft?

Pretty Penny rules, who has no choice but to eliminate the ghouls out to kidnap their beloved Super Gram. This most excellent lady, who drinks the same witches brew, happens to be the most famous movie star of all time, just released from self-imposed exile. Suddenly, it’s game night, and without home field advantage. Now what? There’s zombies, a werewolf, rum and coke, and by the way, Dakota’s dog talks and his sis and gram now have body doubles out for a stroll. Is rage contagious?

Times do fly.

Fasten your seat belts everybody, and prepare for an out-courageous ride in a pink helicopter into the Valley of the Zombies! And since this all takes place in Hollywood – or just down the proverbial dirt road -- look your photogenic best and keep it campy for about 300 million viewers.

Any questions? Do daisy dukes and shrouds come in matching colors? Well, do they?

About the Author

TC Chelsey is a long-time radio DJ and voice actor in Hollywood. Having also worked as a tour guide for Warner Brothers, Chelsey was inspired to write this book, as there are a lot of ghosts at the studio! A true Californian, he enjoys biking, hiking, swimming, and water skiing.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 204