Gwahmp Canyon: Into The Can

By Marvin Geezel
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Earth has been over-polluted by hundreds of years of neglect and waste. With the planet’s landscape forever changed, many plants and animals have adapted to survive the hazardous environment, spawning dangerous NewBeasts. To combat the pollution driving this calamity, Dr. Humphrey develops a plan to relegate garbage to a facility miles-deep in the Pacific Ocean.

After a mysterious accident shuts down the station, the doctor’s son, Belmont, witnesses a scandal and finds himself trapped at the bottom of the dumpsite. Belmont is discovered and eventually adopted by a ragtag group of children stranded but subsisting in the vacated facility. When their clan is targeted by terrifying ape-like beasts, the kids concoct a perilous plan to escape GWAHMP Canyon. Only through cunning, resourcefulness, and grit – along with fierce loyalty – may they be able to succeed.

About the Author

Marvin Geezel lives in Chicago with his two creative and inspiring daughters, lovely and supportive wife – and ever-present dog, Iggy. They enjoy travel, biking and hiking, as well as superhero, fantasy and sci-fi movies and books.

Marvin has been telling stories to his daughters since they were born. Some of these stories were meant to entertain, others were meant to put them to sleep. Now that they are a bit older, his daughters tell stories back to him. Some of these stories are meant to entertain, others are meant to avoid trouble.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 160