California Dream

By Danica Ford
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One night, after Lola falls asleep, she wakes up on the back of a huge bird. The bird tells Lola he is taking her to a land far, far away. When they arrive, Lola gets to try “God’s candy,” the sweetest, prettiest fruit that grows there, and she never wants to leave her dream.

This book is an engaging story about a young girl who finds herself on an adventure to California. Through her journey, Lola and the reader will learn the importance of eating healthy.

About the Author

Danica Ford is a mom of two beautiful kids and a really cool cat. Danica loves people and kids, and she is currently helping at Rock House Kids in Rockford, Illinois, where she gets to interact

with kids from first through sixth grade. They eat dinner together, play games, and then do a Bible lesson. Danica works out daily and loves to ride her motorcycle in the summer. She is also an RN. Traveling to a new place with her family is always something she looks forward to.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30