Brian's School Project: A Story About The Underground Railroad

By Carol Baker
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One night, after a very long, rainy day, Brian asks his parents about the history of the Underground Railroad and their town’s involvement. His mom, having researched this topic in the past, begins to hand down a lot of new information for Brian to absorb, while his dad starts talking to the Historical Society and takes Brian for a short visit to their museum.

When Brian returns to school, his teacher assigns him into a group with three other students to come up with a project all about the Underground Railroad. Using all the information they learned about secret codes, folklore, and routes, they decide to create a board game to represent the difficult journey the slaves traveled along, on their way to freedom.

Filled with fascinating information on the Underground Railroad, told through the perspective of a curious young boy, Brian’s School Project: A Story About the Underground Railroad is an invaluable tool to provide a broader understanding of the struggles of slaves during this time and find a whole new appreciation for the folks who aided in their escape.

About the Author

Carol Baker was born and raised in the suburbs of Boston and has always resided in Massachusetts. She has natural curiosity and enthusiasm for education, both as a student and as an educator. Carol’s passion for personal history has been evident in her search for her husband’s biological family, her love of genealogy and her desire to understand the rich history of her community. Her quest to recover history that may otherwise be lost is our gain. The details in Brian's School Project unfolded over the years. It’s a story that wants to be told!

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 78