Alliterative Animals: A To Z

By Dr. S. V. Gonsalves-Domond
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Alliterative Animals: A to Z is designed for children to enhance their enchantment for the spoken word, build a forward-thinking alliterative vocabulary, infuse a polysyllabic partiality for rhymes, and concurrently augment meaningful knowledge of the animal kingdom.

About the Author

Dr. S. V. Gonsalves-Domond is a full-time academician and educator. She has also been a mental health consultant for Head Start programs for over two decades and has provided direct interventions to special needs children and their families, successfully authoring Head Start Grants to underserved communities. Dr. Gonsalves-Domond is a published author, poet, conference presenter, book reviewer, and workshop leader. She enjoys reading, singing, listening to music, museum-visiting, traveling, and the theater. Dr. Gonsalves-Domond shares her home with her family’s rescue dog Viking.

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Emily Williams, Ph.D.

ALLITERATIVE ANIMALS: A TO Z authored by Dr. S. V. Gonsalves-Domond is a children's book; however, as a linguist, I am enamored of this extraordinarily scripted and beautifully illustrated contribution to children's literature. I have read it twice in one setting to fully immerse in the alliteration. Dr. Gonsalves-Domond has created an engaging work that will surely mesmerize children, parents, teachers, linguists, and lovers of the 'twists and turns' of language for years to come. If you are new to alliteration, it is a literary device where two or more words in a phrase or line of poetry share the same beginning consonant sound. Why engage in alliteration, some may ask? One of the primary purposes of alliteration is to emphasize something important that the writer or speaker would like to highlight, and Dr. Gonsalves-Domond does just that. She works diligently in this beautifully crafted work to increase children's appreciation for the spoken word while expanding their knowledge of the animal kingdom. In a word - artful! In another word - purposeful! Dr. Gonsalves-Domond is, indeed, the perfect person to craft such a text. An accomplished psychologist, mental health consultant, university professor, and research scholar, it is clear that Dr. Gonsalves-Domond's contribution is infused with equal doses of fun and a keen 'knowing' of how to reach and enrich our children.

Par excellence!

Absolutely amazing children's book. Beautiful illustrations and wonderful for teaching your children new words. Cannot recommend enough.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 58