A Lesson A Day: A Child’S Way

By Cheryl Williams
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Appealing to children’s imaginative and playful side A Lesson a Day: A Child’s Way teaches valuable, everyday lessons with the help of colorful animals and inanimate objects working their way through problems.

A skunk who is proud of who he is, a fearful duckling deciding to finally take the plunge, a disobeying baby bear who finds himself lost, and a rude and pushy alligator meeting his match, these poems are a delight and offer a fun way to empower children with knowledge and problem-solving skills. Each is written in the format of a fable as there is a lesson in every one. Children who read and listen to the book (and the adults who narrate it) will be inspired as they learn, grow, and apply the lessons learned to their everyday lives.

About the Author

Cheryl Williams is a wife, mother, and a nurse by profession. She worked as a school nurse for almost 6 years and is truly grateful for the opportunity to have made a difference in the lives of so many students. Since childhood, Williams has been a big fan of the arts. At the age of eleven, her life changed after her mom suffered a massive stroke, leaving her to take on the responsibility of caring for her ailing mother and younger siblings. Having to shoulder such a big responsibility at a young age, coupled with being bullied, resulted in a very depressing time in her life. Singing, writing, reading the book of Psalms, and reciting poetry kept her sane during those dark, uncertain times. Williams still sings today. Music has been her first love and it along with poetry is her healing therapy. She is also an advocate for bullied children.

Williams is dedicating this book to children everywhere. May it bring smiles to their faces, joy to their hearts, and comfort to their souls. She hopes that this book will be a source of inspiration and empowerment to all those who read it!

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 44