Who Wants To Be Friends With A Dragon?

By Linda Drattell & Eve Marie Little, Illustrated Mark Vicente
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2024 Independent Press Award for Distinguished Favorite

A dragon hides each day in the forest, watching as children and animals play together. He wants to join them but fears they will reject him because of the size of his wings, the sharpness of his nails, the power of his tail, and the fact he can blow fire. One day, a boy approaches the dragon, accepts their differences, and invites him to play. The dragon musters up the courage to attend the boy’s birthday party and, by trial and error, learns that his differences make him fit in! Who Wants to be Friends With a Dragon? is the story of a lonely dragon who overcomes his fear of rejection to find the true meaning of friendship when he meets a boy who appreciates him for who he is.

” Who Wants to be Friends With a Dragon? is a wonderful story of acceptance and friendship. Self-isolation can be truly detrimental both mentally and physically. This well-written and fabulously illustrated book is a motivational story that I believe may help children to recognize the insecurities and fear of being different, both in themselves and others, and to overcome those fears to meet new people and make new friends.” – Barry Saudan, CEO of California Communications Access Foundation and President and CEO of Ability Central Philanthropy

“A must read at the beginning of a school year to promote acceptance of each child in the classroom. A great conversation starter for children of all ages.” – Kaye D. Milot, TSI Tutor, Beaufort School District, Bluffton, South Carolina

“Who Wants to be Friends With a Dragon? – Great story, great message. Really terrific!! It’s written at a language level simple enough that young children can understand it and relate to it.” – Marsha Slatkin, Resource Teacher, Herbert Hoover Middle School, Maryland

“This is a vibrantly illustrated, upbeat story about the personal transformation of a dragon with low self-esteem to one who embraces his differentness. As a teacher of the Deaf, I think this is a delightful way to share the idea of pride and taking risks with children who may not always do so.” – Rachel Zemach, Writer and Retired Teacher of the Deaf

Published: 2023
Page Count: 40