By James H. Vredevoogd
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Scootamapah! is a story of how two small but brave friends venture to help a huge bull elephant seal rescue his mate from a Sea World-type venue after she has been captured at sea and imprisoned for “training” purposes. Against tremendous odds in the form of zoo attendants with tranquilizer guns, local police, city traffic, large and curious crowds, and the accidental release of a large alligator, will the two little commandos succeed in guiding the two seals back to their natural ocean habitat?

An exciting adventure with an ethical lesson on how humans exploit other species for entertainment and profit, as well as learning the power of friendship and doing the right thing, Scootamapah! is a great story for children of all ages.

About the Author/Illustrator

James H. Vredevoogd holds a BA in art education from Michigan State University and an MFA in painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art. He was an Emeritus professor of art at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where he taught drawing, painting, and performance art for thirty-two years. He and his wife Jeanette retired to central Florida in 1998. His artwork is in two art museum permanent collections, as well as in several university collections and private collections in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. His artist website is

Illustrator Thomas J. Vredevoogd holds a BFA in art from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and an MFA in painting from Ohio University where he was a teaching assistant for foundation classes. He took his first college-level drawing class at the age of ten in a summer class taught by his father, intimidating the actual college students with his skill at such a young age. He is a multi-instrument musician who plays in a dance band orchestra in Portland, Oregon, and runs a preschool in his home and studio.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 32

Customer Reviews

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Lisette Ruiz Gastelu
Scootamapah! What a beautiful example of respect for God's creatures! Highly Recommended!

My kids, my husband & I loved reading this book! Our family is an animal lover & this book beyond being an exciting adventure of captivity & freedom, it is a wonderful teaching tool for encouraging our children & reminding adults that animals are also God's creatures & just like people, they deserve the same respect & empathy! Humans love, appreciate & will fight for their freedom & survival of their habitat...Our little animal brothers & sisters do too as clearly depicted & narrated in the story of this wonderful book! Scootamapah is a must read & keep forever treasure!