Edna Elephant Stops Bullying At School: (Words Matter)

By Bernetta L. Simmons (Toy)
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Edna Elephant Stops Bullying at School: Words Matter!

Edna Elephant Stops Bullying at School uses animals to convey a powerful message: Words matter! In an age where many young children have experienced negativity from classmates or friends, the wrong words can have a profound effect. Edna reminds readers that all human beings are important and to choose their words wisely when speaking to others. This book appeals to teachers and children alike, offering a message of hope and tools to stop bullying in its tracks.

About the Author

With the daily instructional guidance of her parents, along with her two sisters, Bernetta L. Simmons (Toy) began her young literary life reading the comics and the metro section in the daily newspaper. Walking long blocks to the local library helped to mold her love of reading and writing. She started writing short stories as a child and later began writing poetry. Her own children and the students she taught inspired her work. Simmons wrote meaningful phonemic plays for her young students to act out at school and wrote several books before publishing Edna Elephant Stops Bullying at School. Now retired from decades in the classroom, she lives with her family in Maryland.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 46