Duk & Devver Adventures

By Dale McFarlin
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Duk & Devver Adventures is a collection of tales with frog ponds, family time, boat rides, and one colorfully odd uncle. It’s about an ageing man remembering the great adventures he had with his brother and friends. Sometimes the adventures put them in danger and only their courage and wisdom got them through. Mostly, though, it’s about two young people being adventurous, putting down the video games, and using their hands and imaginations. Duk and Devver will definitely remind the reader that there is a whole wild world out there; get outside and experience it.

About the Author

When Dale McFarlin’s daughter was young, he coached Pee-Wee Basketball, which gave him a whole new prospective of what teachers were up against when teaching our young. He likes to make stone sinks, gold pan, metal detect… If it’s outdoors—wild edibles, foraging, hunting—then count him in. He’s married with two very smart and beautiful daughters. He’s number three of five. Both his parents are still alive and so is his stepfather. He would say as families go, his is a rather unique one. They branch out in all directions with little to no hesitation to help whoever may need it. McFarlin is a general contractor with a lot of time to think.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 76