Virtual Team Building Exercises: A Guide To Managing Human Resources Over Space And Time

By Robert Andrejev
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Good leaders know the value of motivation and cohesiveness among team members in a work environment in order to bring success to projects and tasks. Fostering positive interaction and building the necessary team-related skills, however, has become challenging in our ever-changing and expanding business world. In todays workplace, it is not uncommon for leaders to be faced with the challenges of uniting workers from different locations, countries, and organizations. Drawing on his experiences working in teams across buildings, lands and seas, Robert Andrejev shares ideas of activities that enhance team-related skills through Virtual Team Building Exercises: A Guide to Managing Human Resources over Space and Time. Based on the five senses and a number of games, hobbies, and interests, Andrejevs exercises can be modified and applied to a variety of teams in todays workplace. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Many years of working on teams in the workplace have led Robert Andrejev to prepare this guide and share ideas that support team building. A native of Michigan, Andrejev is a project manager who lives in the suburbs of Detroit. His education includes degrees from the following institutions: Masters Degree Information Management and Communication Walsh College, Troy, Michigan 2000
Bachelors Degree Human Resources Training and Development, Oakland University, Rochester Hills, Michigan 1993
Associates Degree Business Macomb Community College, Warren, Michigan 1989 He is a member of the Project Management Institute, and he volunteers his time in a variety of activities. Virtual Team Building Exercises is his first published book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 52