The Tyro Dossier: Beginning Principles For Young Asset Managers To Engage Success At Work And Beyond

By Charles B. Lawless
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With this one mans determination toward success comes a compilation of helpful principles on the financial services and investment management business.

In The Tyro Dossier: Beginning Principles for Young Asset Managers to Engage Success at Work and Beyond, Charles B. Lawless relates his stories of his own defeats throughout his life, which enlivens and teaches him more lessons to become a success at present. Had he not listened to his college professor, who once gave him advice to keep a diary of events throughout his college years and internships to contain all he learned during those times, as well as important notes and business cards of possible connections in the near future, life for him could have been different. From being penniless and in debt with student loans to now a big-time financial advisor, Lawless explores his choices to avoid the traditional nine-to-five office culture and to discover what job really fits his interests. He ends up juggling the stock market, surviving horrific recessions and the bear market low points, and profiting more when business is stable. He is the great hope of the wealthy to secure their holdings through him.

Learn a handful of tips from his experiences and career while going from the mailroom to the boardroom at his company. Some day each and every one of you could end up in the financial markets industry, so this book can truly inspire and guide you all the way.

About the Author

Having been inspired by his own blessings through perseverance, this office gopher turned managing director with seven promotions in fourteen years; Charles Lawless shares war stories and encourages aspiring financial advisors and investment managers, as well as those who plan to venture to financial industry. Charles is married with three children and still lives in Hubbard Woods where he was born and raised.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 202