Insurance Genius

By Jeffery R. McIntosh
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Insurance Genius: The Commercial Insurance Detective

Dear Student,

Before you spend the Money and Invest the time in this Textbook, you should consider who wrote this book and why. Consider the source. This Textbook is a practical “how to guide”. I don’t Study Insurance, I perform Insurance. I actually have sold, and do sell, insurance policies (and a lot of them). My job is not selling books or seminars. I’m not a Professional Educator. I write insurance for a living. I’m not a CPCU, CIC, nor do I hold any other designations. I do have over 30 years’ experience and have written more than 17 million in revenue during that time.

For the last ten years, I have averaged just over $1,000,000 in annual revenues and over 100 million in insurance premiums. I’m not an Author. Writing a book is where I’m out of my league. This is my first and hopefully last book (revisions aside). I don’t want to be an Author. This book is not all you need to know, but it’s the basis of the education you will need for a long and fruitful career in Insurance. This Textbook teaches the mindset: the thinking needed to be a true Insurance Professional. You must always read forms fully and ask questions.

This book is not cheap. It’s not entertainment, but rather it is a guide to a career, an annual salary, lifelong employment. This is not short cuts, fancy new tricks, or a get rich quick guide. The Textbook is over 134,000 words. You’re not going to learn it in a week, or a month, but it won’t take you 5 years like it did me. This book requires an investment of time, the long road to prosperity.


Jeff McIntosh

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Published: 2020
Page Count: 296