Words Matter (2022)

By Judy Marano
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Words Matter

A collection of vignettes examining the shared spaces of motherhood, marriage, friendship, aging, and femininity

Words Matter is about all the topics we don't like to talk about: aging, parenting, children, adversity. These moments in time can be read by themselves or as part of the whole story of the author finding her voice through her experiences. The stories are shared by many although the names and places may change. We are all struggling to figure out where we belong and how we can grow and evolve as we age. What makes this book unique is that anyone who picks it up will find a story or stories that seem to be written just for them. The author hopes readers take away a sense of comradery as they strive to be their best every day.

About the Author

Judy Marano lives in beautiful Brewster, New York with her husband, two dogs, and two cats. She is the mom of twin boys who are successfully navigating the world as decent, kind human beings. She is a college professor of writing and public speaking as well as a business owner. Educational Awareness, her company, assists high school students through the college process, with her favorite part being the college essay. She does not miss a day on her yoga mat or going for a long walk. She is a beach-loving girl whose happy place is in the Jersey shore.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 98