Through My Eyes And Into Your Heart By Yvonne Betts

By Yvonne Betts With Gary Betts
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After the death of Yvonne Betts, her spirit came back to her husband, Gary Betts. She dictated this book to Gary, who simply wrote down what she said.

This is a book that tells what Heaven is really like from the perspective of a spirit. This book will answer the questions that humans have had for eons: What is Heaven really like? Is there Satan and Hell?

These questions and more will be answered in this book by a spirit. This is a book about spiritualism that is rapidly taking over the world’s big religions. Religion has been telling lies for centuries. Spiritualism, however, will tell people the truth; the truth that religions have been hiding. For example, God does not judge people after their death. If their spirit wants to get into Heaven, they will be granted access with no questions asked.

After reading this book, people will come away with a better understanding of life, spiritualism, and the joy that they will get into Heaven no matter how many sins they have committed.

About the Author

Yvonne’s parents came to Canada after World War II and had their children in Canada. Her mother was a classy English lady, while her father was a hard-nose World War II vet. Yvonne had three, older brothers, but she got along with only one of them.

Yvonne liked knitting and made everything from baby booties to large blankets. Like her husband, she had a dark sense of humor. Yvonne never had any children. She worked in the security industry and worked her way up from a security guard to middle management.

Yvonne was not religious, but she did have an interest in spirits. That interest really took off when Yvonne and Gary spoke to a well-known spiritualist. She came to believe that her spirit would get into Heaven.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 290