Thirty-Three: A Poetic Device

By Angelica Howard and Ajia Z. Johnson
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Thirty-Three: A Poetic Device is a poetry journal. Journaling has always been a creative and therapeutic outlet for us as women. We wrote in diaries as young girls, and now we have something for the thirty-three-year-old version of ourselves. Authors Angelica Howard and Ajia Z. Johnson let the poetic emotions of their younger selves motivate them to create this poetic device with the intention to inspire and provoke thought no matter how good, bad, or ugly that may be; journaling helps to get it out. Howard and Johnson encourage readers to honor their own thoughts through the journal prompts. Life is what you make it, and when you are intentional about your desires, by writing them down and making them plain, magic happens.

About the Author

Angelica Howard is a thirty-three-year-old educator and entrepreneur. She is a student of life whose main goal is to expose young people to culture, art, balance, and discipline. Throughout her ten years of teaching English, public speaking, debate, and life skills, she is now a graduation coach where she encourages and prepares young people to be college and career ready. 

Ajia is a thirty-three-year-old wife and mom of five. She is an entrepreneur and certified life coach. After being forced to retire from styling hair due to an injured wrist, she began putting her all into her first passion, which is words, essentially writing books and speaking. She most recently launched a podcast called Alchemy with Ajia Z. and hosts group and one-on-one life-coaching sessions for men and women of all ages. 

Ajia and Angelica started a lifestyle brand called Heirlvnd that provides tools for building generational wealth through fashion.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 92

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I enjoyed this book! The authors were unapologetic about their ideas and expressed common ideas in an extremely creative way. I especially enjoyed the journal prompts as they elicited provocative thoughts. Hope to see what pieces of literature they present next!