The Key

By Linda Velez
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The Key is a symbolic graphic design given to Linda Velez in a mystical vision. It was not for just her, but for all Humanity at her request. It is for our mass understanding.

To properly tell of how The Key came to be, Velez shares the story of her life’s journey from a progressive energy angle, which shows the slow and ever-increasing evolution of her spiritual understanding and senses.

A divine spiritual vision of a symbol she received while in meditation in 2003, The Key is written in four parts: about her life and growth as a psychic; about the symbol The Key; about the reader and their personal connection to the Divine.

Her hope is to bring happiness, light and understanding to the people of the Earth.

About the Author

Linda Velez has always had a need to understand and learn as much as possible about the Paranormal/Spirituality all aspects of her life. She loves to help people and make them happy. As early as in high school, she starting giving readings to people, and has continued until the present. While she has never charged for a reading, some people have insisted on offering a donation.

Most of the many jobs Velez has had have been in the service industry. Later in life, she became a licensed certified nursing assistant, and this has been her most fulfilling job. In addition, she has been an investigator/psychic with a local paranormal investigation group, Ghost Magnets with a Twist out of Beacon, New York.

Velez enjoys nature and gardening. She is also an artist. Her psychic abilities are psychic knower, intuitive, empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, dowser, and a mystic. She is currently chaplain for the lady’s auxiliary for the local American Legion post. This is her first published book.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 116