The Honest Life Of A Liar

By Natalie Schweiger
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In the chapters of The Honest Life of a Liar, you will find humor, heartbreak, healing and adventure. It is one girl’s story of growing up, moving out, and learning about honesty in the real world. From parental arguments and hard lessons on love, to wacky landlords and Rocky Mountain highs, these pages hold something relatable for everybody.

That girl, the author of this book, wants to share her story not because it's monumental, will spark life change, or tell how she found the Atlantis, but because it involves experiences everyone has gone through, or is going through, in one way or another. She wants readers to close the back cover and feel like they've gained a friend; someone to ask advice on what to get their mom for Christmas or trust to be an escape call on a bad first date.

Indeed, she wants readers to sit back and think "now that was a good story."

About the Author

Natalie grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois, but in recent years has called more wild places home. These Include Hawaii, Colorado and Alaska, where she practices sports such as mountain biking, hiking, trail running, alpine skiing and anything else that will take her outside. If indoors she's usually found reading, writing, contemplating a new tattoo sketch, hosting solo dance parties or hanging out with her dog Lenny.

Natalie's friends and family are her highest priority, and when asked says she believes everyone should have a constant form of love in their life.

She's a perpetual optimist who's always planning for the next adventure.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32