Remembering Me Of Gary, Indiana: An Unexpected Crossroads From A Life Of Love

By Emma Jackson-Causey
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Begin your journey to find your authentic self along with your spouse and heal your marriage.

When we marry at a young age, we hope to have a life of closeness and connection with our spouse ‘til death do us part. What you don’t realize often times is that you need a break or two to rediscover YOU in the marriage.

I came to realize that I, too, needed this time to rediscover me. I let go of my fear, doubt, and anxiety, and I let God begin His work in our lives, individually. Praying for a Christ-like attitude towards my marriage was the key to transitioning to Fishers, Indiana, in a great mood and feeling partnered with Christ. I no longer felt alone; I was praying to the author of life, love, and marriage. God took his rightful place in my heart. He became my first love, again.

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About the Author

Emma Jackson-Causey grew up in Gary, Indiana. A mother of three now-grown children, she married her college sweetheart 36 years ago.

Jackson-Causey has both bachelors in social work and bachelors in ministry, along with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. She is a well-known ministry leader, dynamic speaker and coach, psychotherapist, wife, mother, friend and counselor dedicated to helping others find a healthy approach to life balance through realistic, practical actions for a successful outcome to those unexpected crossroads in life.

Jackson-Causey hosts her own talk show, Faming for God!, which encourages women around the world to live faithfully and without fear, and to pursue the true values of life.

Join her for her next Facebook Live Episode! Faming for God airs weekly, Mondays at 3:00 PM CST.

Published: 2021
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