Music Therapy: A Look Into The World Of Healing Sound

By Angelo Molino
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This book is more than a manual. Through its pages, the reader will discover the wonderful world of "Sound That Heals" through music therapy. Music therapy is the true interface between medicine, psychology, and art. Models and methods are herein illustrated to make this complementary psychological therapy unique in its kind.

Indeed, music therapy is a global way of taking care of the Body-Mind System, to the point of being able to facilitate more wellness than one had hoped for. Music therapy can cause not only physical and mental healing from diseases of biological or psychological origin, but it can also foster personal growth and raise your personal quality of life.

Are interested in the inner workings of this healing? Can your life use a wellness boost? Follow the gentle path where music and therapy merge to help you in Music Therapy: A Look into The World of Healing Sound.

About the Author

Professor Angelo Molino is an Italian music therapist and a teacher of Music Theory, Piano, and Composition. His method specialty is that of Carl Orff Shulwerk /Edwin Gordon Music Learning Theory. He is also a professor of music therapy, a writer, a composer, a singer, and a concert pianist. Molino lives in the USA and is the Honorary Chairman of the Non-Profit American Organization: The International Music and Wellness Council, which provides free music therapy sessions for children, adolescents and adults with special needs living in North America and China. 

In addition to his esteemed positions, Molino is also the Co-Founder/Dean of the College of the private Athena Music & Wellness Therapy Academy, based in California, which issues both European and U.S. certifications, forming a new generation of graduates destined to become established professionals of Music Therapy around the world. Molino continues to fulfill his lifelong passion by pouring his musical mind on paper to refine his craft in Music Therapy: A Look into The World of Healing Sound.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 188