Look At Me Now

By Eirene Vasquez
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Look At Me Now chronicles the intense fight author Eirene Vasquez had against her anxiety, PTSD, and Major Depression. Vasquez found sanity and healing through her art. Instead of pushing away her family or friends, she would paint. Instead of getting stuck in a cycle of negativity, she would draw. The resulting art came together in Look At Me Now. Each color of the jigs and jags show Anything, Everything, and Nothing—her heart battling through her anxieties, and the hope she feels through her art.

About the Author

Eirene Vasquez is a fifty-year-old who has found a new beginning through her art. It has helped her cope through isolation, negativity, and pain. For Vasquez, creating art became a way to release and express her complicated battle with anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

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