Let That Cancer Go: A Guidebook For Leaving Negative Thoughts Behind And Finding Your Joy Again

By Deborah Celle Mechura
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A cancer diagnosis can be a terrifying and disorienting experience. A shock to your system, just as cancer affects your physical health, it also affects your heart and soul. Self-love and self-care become critical to your survival, but it can be difficult to focus and navigate your new “normal,” especially in the beginning.

Let That Cancer Go: A Guidebook for Leaving Negative Thoughts Behind and Finding Your Joy Again helps you journey through a cancer diagnosis while keeping your head and heart “afloat.” Through art and journaling, and even dreaming a bit, this guidebook enables you to take charge in your life, keeps you busy, and helps you relax, giving hope and bringing peace to the weary.

About the Author

Deborah Celle Mechura is a retired teacher who enjoys creating art and encouraging self-love and self-care. She is married to her wonderful husband, Charles, and is a mother of three and grandmother of eight. She has two furbabies, Jackie and Khloe, who are the loves of her life and have been by her side through her own healing journey. 

Mechura lives in a little house on the river, and she enjoys swimming and kayaking, flowers, and being outdoors. In her spare time, she volunteers in spiritual services at a local hospital, and she loves helping others feel loved.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 102