Here's To Finding Your Happiness, But What Do I Know?

By Antonella Baltazar
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When Antonella Baltazar began her spiritual journey a few years ago, she found others who sought her advice always looking elsewhere only to return and find her initial guidance was the correct path all along. Through the use of candles, tarot cards, meditation, books, and her own experiences, Baltazar has learned to listen and truly understand the needs of another person. She has aided those in need of relationship help, finding self-love and confidence, and provided energy readings and guided mediation. Now, she lends her assistance to a wider audience through Here's To Finding Your Happiness But... What Do I Know? In this new and insightful workbook, Baltazar will help you in revealing your true self, the facts you have always known but never cared to admit or allow yourself to feel. Working at your own pace, you will learn to love yourself and find the freedom in realizing your true nature and potential. Unlock new doors. Explore new thoughts and philosophies. Become who you were always meant to be.

About the Author

Antonella Baltazar has studied early childhood development and earned an associate degree with an emphasis in social and behavioral sciences. She currently works with children, teenagers, and developmentally disabled adults. She enjoys participating in energy readings, meditation, candle work, tarot card readings, and helping others believe in themselves.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 44