Harmonious Petals: True Journey Of The Soul

By Rose A. Chylek
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Harmonious Petals is about souls, their entry into the physical world, their process of learning, acquiring wisdom, understanding, self-realization, and final unification with Universal Love through collective physical existence. It is interesting for the true spiritual seekers on the path of the eternal journey. It is relevant to all those who decide to take the spiritual path. This is how all sages and ardent seekers practiced while in their physical existence. There is no easy way. Read Harmonious Petals to find your own spiritual enlightenment.

About the Author

Rose A. Chylek is a mom and wife, taking care of her family affairs. She has participated in spiritual groups and often wrote her understanding for the groups. She also participated in her church and church discussion groups. She lives in New Mexico.


"The magical vibrations of Rose’s painting and insights for our Soul/Spirit Journey in this current civilization has a blessed profound communication with the Spirit World. If people would open their minds in their religious view, they would get a new aspect of divine spirituality. Tessbah”

Finding the true essence of the soul is so hard to discover and understand without knowing its purpose. Going beyond the fads, opinions, and false hopes of “expert” self-help books, Harmonious Petals: True Journey of the Soul explores the incredible connection between purposeful living and quality of life. Rose Chylek have discussed thoroughly in this book the connectivity of life, the world and the universe. There will be a lot of understandable aspect in the book that can help us realize the value of life, exploring our purpose and radiating it towards the other being and the universe. Rose has a vast knowledge about the topic she is discussing. The things that we seek to learn and understand is in this book. Illuminating, accessible, and authentically grounded in experiences, knowledge and wisdom, the book is essential reading for everyone seeking lasting improvement and understanding in their lives and souls. This should be a "must-buy" for everyone. M. Lee DYOMC Manager for Operations

Harmonious Petals, by Rose A. Chylek This gorgeous book, filled with inspiring full-color illustrations by the author, is dedicated to helping everyone to become "harmonious petals" and to live and prosper on all levels with all beings. Rose asks us to rise above our baser concerns, to be better. She shows us many ways to accomplish this, and gives many signposts along the way, based on her lifetime of spiritual work and study. You can turn to any page and find inspiration and instruction. If you want to get serious about your work in this world (and the next), this thought-provoking work is a good place to begin. Clarke Fountain.

In this heartfelt book, Rose A. Chylek offers her astute, enlightened observations on the journey of the soul through life on earth, and the urgent need of every spiritual seeker to assume personal responsibility for his or her individual transformation and become a willing and essential contributor to a harmonious earthly existence. Born from Rose’s spiritual and life experiences as well as the richness of her dreams, Harmonious Petals lays out a framework for this crucial work, and the challenging but necessary task of balancing the dual natures - spiritual and physical – that exist in every human. With chapters and discussions focusing on essential qualities such as empathy, compassion, heart, love, and right action, Rose encourages each of us to be an instrument of change, to summon the strength and courage to unlock our potential richness and master our lower natures for the benefit of all beings. Only through this mastery, she suggests, through discipline and by directing ourselves away from worldly selfishness, can we protect the precious beauty of life on earth, and create the possibility of our spiritual ascension to the realm of the divine. Open ourselves to nature and its creatures, her work states, for every animal, plant, and being is infused with the sacred spark of God. Do not allow innocents of any form to suffer. Ask ourselves always: what role we are playing in this earthly drama? Are we contributing to peace, or to its opposite? Let us not, Rose tells us, miss the opportunities that this exquisite life provides us to grow, to experience the beauty of creation. Harmonious Petals is beautifully illustrated with Rose’s vibrant, dynamic paintings of nature, of her expansive celestial visions, of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, as well as sacred images from other spiritual traditions. They bring the text to life, and remind us that all traditions seek unity with divinity. Achieving that unity is Rose’s urgent prayer for us all, and for the remarkable realm of earth, whose future, she reminds us, is in our hands, and needs us to act boldly on its behalf. - Heidi Schulman

Published: 2021
Page Count: 376