First Love/Forever Love

By Sean Powers
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First Love / Forever Love places special emphasis on the importance of being best friends as a foundation for a lasting relationship. It is based on a friendship that lasted fifty-five years. Readers will realize that true love does exist and that it is possible to please your significant other in every way resulting in happiness. One of the most important goals in all our lives is to be HAPPY!!!

About the Author

Sean Powers is a sixty-one-year-old individual who has always been an avid reader. He was blessed with the talent to write but never used it until 2019. His professional life was spent mostly in the restaurant business; he is an excellent cook. Sean was, in years past, a very, very good basketball player.

Sean have been married thirty-five years and has two children. Writing a book has been his lifelong goal. Making time to reach that goal was something he finally got around to doing. He hopes readers enjoy reading his book as much as he enjoyed writing it. Read it more than once...he has!

Published: 2021
Page Count: 84