Facets Of Love: A Guide For Every Lost Woman Desperate For A Life Of Full Authentic Embodiment

By Melissa Renee
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Are you living in disconnection from your body? 

Do you struggle processing your emotions? 

Are you a woman that operates highly in your masculine energy? 

On a cold winter season in Indiana, my nineteen-year marriage came to its demise. In an old home with my four cats, I began to dismantle the encoded barriers that were built up around me and explored my true self. I learned how to permanently transform both my pain and my relationship patterns.

Do you get messages from your deceased ancestors? Mine came through loud and clear telling me “Open your eyes!” That was the beginning of seeing the hidden truths and thoughts that were tucked away in the dark corners of my psyche. 

This is my healing memoir journeying my deep reflections and realizations. I learned through this process that I was living a life of disconnection, ‘going through the motions’ and utterly blinded from some extremely harsh truths of my marriage. 

“Facets of Love” chronicles my path to thriving, freedom and full embodiment. 

The spiritual presence is my guiding light that illuminated my path to sovereignty. Art, dance, music and prayer were instrumental facets of love and a path of discovery leading me to my own self-reflections. “Facets of Love” documents how I embodied the “Rising Phoenix” and pulled myself up from these challenging experiences. I share with you here my authentic, heartfelt story of healing, to offer all of you the medicine I, myself, have acquired.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 96