Quotes Plus: A Book Of Quotes & Thoughts Of A Deep Thinker Plus True Short Stories

By Dr. Neenah Boyd
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QUOTES ARE a dime a dozen. They uplift, inspired, and encourage. They change a person’s perspectives and enlighten. Reading a quote can affirm previous thoughts or offer a new look at a situation. Some quotes can have an opposite effect that disproves a previous thought, which can be healthy.

EACH QUOTE or thought in QUOTES PLUS: A Book of Quotes & Thoughts of a Deep Thinker Plus True Short Stories has a companion quote or thought on the next line. Some are brief, memorable, and easily quotable. Two true short stories follow the quotes and thoughts. One is about a thank-you letter sent to the author by His Royal Highness, Prince Charles of Wales. The other is about the replica of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky, USA. The entire book of quotes, thoughts, and short stories are originals and come from the author’s depth of education, professional life of thirty years as a Speech/Language Pathologist with a nice working with gifted junior high students, extensive Jewish and Christian theology, practice of the 613 commandments, and leadership thereof; as well as business world experience as the Founder, CEO/CFO of a humanitarian nonprofit, and roles in Toastmasters International, which is the organization that helps adults improve their public speaking and leadership skills.

THE AUTHOR believes everyone can be more successful than they are with the right tools and inspiration. The short stories are loaded with inspiration that will leave the reader highly encouraged. This book was written so that the contents would be widely quoted, shared, given as gifts, used to bolster articles, research papers, etc. Cover design and photos were done by the author’s fantastic husband and greatest supporter, William Boyd.

About the Author

DR. NEENAH BOYD is a deep thinker and found it fun to write QUOTES PLUS: A Book of Quotes & Thoughts of a Deep Thinker Plus True Short Stories. Tiffany W. expressed anxiousness to read QUOTES PLUS because of the words “Deep Thinker” in the title. Tiffany says she is a deep thinker too. Quote #7 is a favorite of Pete H. and Rabbi Mark M. and many others! Kamae G. said though she was extremely busy, she took a quick peek at the story about the letter from His Royal Highness, Prince Charles and couldn’t put it down till the end! Cathy N. said that in that story, Neenah inspired her, put a smile on her face, and also said it gives us pause to think about our own impact on others. Neenah put her career experience into the writing of this story. Barbara R. said that Neenah wrote a well-written story about their trip to the replica of Noah’s Ark and that it holds the reader’s attention. Barbara said that she thinks she would enjoy the trip! Etasha A. said that she enjoyed reading and “experiencing” the story! Dr. Neenah Boyd is a retired Speech/Language Pathologist. She helped students who stuttered, had trouble pronouncing certain sounds, or had language or voice disorders. She also helped those with autism who experienced difficulty interacting through communication. The field had a name change to Communication Sciences and Disorders. Neenah was an avid swimmer who created her own strokes as she did laps. She enjoyed diving off the diving board and doing cross-country skiing. Neenah holds a spiritual doctoral degree, which is a cross between a PhD in holy theology and the new field of neurospirituology.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 36