Journey Of The White Tiger ...From Master Martial Artist To Drivers' Education Pioneer

By James L. Wann, Ph.D.
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James L. Wann, Ph.D., better known as the White Tiger, teaches his readers through his life stories. During his lifetime, he masters not only martial arts, but also driving, biking, photography, education program development and entrepreneurship. He learns, develops and eventually excels in this diverse array of new skills, and earns multiple awards and certifications in acknowledgement of his accomplishments.

The Journey of the White Tiger is a true story of a young child’s fascination with martial arts that catapults him into full mastery of the art. He uses this knowledge to give thousands of students many tools and insights that go well beyond physical skills. In his humorous storytelling, Dr. Wann highlights examples of women’s self-defense techniques, building self-confidence, overcoming difficult home situations, and the art of peacefully and successfully handling bullies. The book takes a swift and exciting turn to drivers’ education, describing a unique educational program developed by the White Tiger himself. He utilizes principles from martial arts—awareness, visualization, precision, control—in his newfound love of teaching drivers’ education. This new journey in Dr. Wann’s life transports his readers through more adventure-packed stories up, down, and across the country. Throughout the book, true tales are spun of a teacher’s life adventure, designed to help readers learn invaluable life lessons.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 142