Families And Other Stuff! Is Anybody Sane?

By Faye McGhee
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Families and Other Stuff! Is Anybody Sane? is about families and funny things that have happened in Faye McGhee’s life. When the same kinds of things happen to others in their lives, they can realize that it has already happened to someone else and this will help them find the humor in their situation. Readers can express how they feel either in writing or verbal expressions; it makes life better, and they might need less medication.

About the Author

Faye McGhee is a retired nurse educator with a very active lifestyle. She was raised in a big family, having four brothers and five sisters. Her immediate family is not so big, and she is married with three children and three grandchildren. Her special interest is mental illness. She is a member of Nami and keeps up with all mental health information by attending workshops.

Faye’s hobbies are reading, telling jokes, writing, traveling, going to the movies and eating popcorn, and studying the Bible. A big project she has ahead is learning to play the guitar. She loves life and tries to enjoy every minute of it.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 128