Calling All Angels

By Sherrie Taylor
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Angels—they appear in our lives not when we expect them, but when we need them.

They don’t come with power or possessions, and only a few speak to God. But they provide us with safe places and guide us along our journeys. Angels help us transform who we become.

Calling All Angels is about Sherrie Taylor’s journey and how the presence of angels in her life has had a deep and profound impact on her life experiences.

Join Sherrie as she details her story of hope and perseverance and reveals the countless ways in which we all have the ability to serve each other, create safe places to grow and heal, and give back.

About the Author

Even though Sherrie was raised in a formidable home, accompanied by some obstacles with an uninformed traditional educational system, her family and friends have been a stellar source of support throughout Sherries' life. Her people have allowed her to harness her energy and return the gifts of her Angels.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 286