Higher Is Calling: How To Overcome Challenges And Achieve Your Dreams

By Maxwell Adekoje
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Higher Is Calling

In a time of uncertainty due to the global epidemic, inspiration becomes the mind's health. Hope is needed to keep people moving forward. Who we need to become should occur before we become to outlast the crisis. Crisis is temporary and seasonal.

Higher Is Calling is not just an inspirational book but wisdom and antidote to excel in any adversity. A gem can't be refined without friction, nor a man perfected without crisis.

This book covers a true-life story about how author Maxwell Adekoje went in crisis from nothing to a successful person immersing in the power of gratitude.

About the Author

Maxwell Adekoje was born and raised in war-torn Nigeria. Through perseverance, Mr. Adekoje found his true calling through the daunting adversities and challenges he faced throughout his life. One thing has remained constant in his life: his gratitude. 

Adekoje’s new book takes you on a journey through time—a thrilling journey full of struggle, perseverance, and gratitude in the face of adversity. Mr. Adekoje has penned down his life journey to inspire others, inspiring others to realize and attain their full potential because the higher is always calling.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 114