God’S Own Heart: Poetic Expressions And Affirmations Of Edification, Adoration And Exultation

By George L. Hayes
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God’s Own Heart: Poetic Expressions and Affirmations of Edification, Adoration and Exultation

All inspired by the word of God, this book is a collection of poetry with scripture references accompanying each poem. It was developed during the author’s deep and intimate devotional time, while full of His Spirit and enraptured in His Love.

These various poems deal with a plethora of topics that address the issues that face us today. Along with inward inspiration, encouragement, and outward thanksgiving and praise, there are also select poems that visit our low points in life and expose our frailties. This book brings the Bible to life in practical and spiritually beneficial ways, making it an invaluable Bible study tool. Like King David in the Bible, the author’s love for God speaks out through the volume of this book, as he, too, desires to be a man after God’s Own Heart.

About the Author

An animal and nature lover, George L. Hayes is a former boxer who now coaches and mentors youth. He is involved in his church, community outreach, and has worked in special education for twenty years.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 150

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Blessing

I am honored to be writing the first review for this phenomenal book. As soon as I received this book, as soon as I touched it, I felt a wave of delight wash over me. Let me explain. I could feel the love for God, the love for Jesus Christ that went into this book. The poems that are in this book will truly truly bless you. You will see the love for God and the Savior, articulated in such a graceful way. This is a book of true love for the Lord, it is a beyond blessing to have in your hands, to possess. It is a divine treasure. I pray it blesses you as much as it has blessed me. May God continue to touch the hands, mind, and heart, of such a brilliant man of God, Mr. George Hayes. God bless you all, in Jesus mighty and majestic name, Amen!