Carrie Peoples' Reading System: From Babble to Reading

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Carrie Peoples' Reading System: From Babble to Reading

By: Carrie E. Peoples


About the Book


As author Carrie Peoples began to teach small children, the ideas for Carrie Peoples’ Reading System: From Babble to Reading sprung forth by listening to them interact using words they knew how to say but did not know what the words looked like.  She then began to experiment by making the symbols we use to make words: circles, lines, and dots.  These symbols, through various combinations, make what we call words.  This eye-opening text sheds light on how simple reading can truly be when broken down into the fun and surprisingly easy system Peoples has developed.  Peoples lays out everything you need to know to help your child develop thinking skills, vocabulary skills and get an early start on reading skills.


About the Author

Carrie E. Peoples began her career in education in the early 1970s as a federal educator.  She was fortunate to train and work as staff assistant to President Nixon’s (Commissioner) Secretary of Education.  Soon after, Peoples managed the Teacher Corps Networks, which were presented to Congress for funding.  She aided in the design, development, and establishment of networks to encourage interaction between the 122 Teacher Corps Projects.  Peoples further completed four decades as a Public School Teacher, specializing in Gifted and Talented Education in the States of California and Georgia. Peoples is a disabled US Navy Veteran.

About the Editor

Danielle Yette has worked in education for more than 20 years. She graduated from California State University of Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Urban Learning and a minor in Elementary Education. Yette has worked with students from early childhood education to the twelfth grade. She is currently a Dean of Students in Denver, Colorado.


(2022, hardback, 32 pages)

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