Bunnies, Birds, and Puppy Tales

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Bunnies, Birds, and Puppy Tales

By: Teresa Powell Watts


About the Book

Bunnies, Birds, and Puppy Tales, a heartfelt story of friendship and adventure, follows three young girls as they share tales around a campfire. Each girl’s tale shows the charm and courage they embody as well as their willingness to help other people and animals. Their stories can inspire all young girls to be kind, loving, and use good manners. Allow the words to come alive and enjoy the day with Kaylin, Alina, and Madelyn!


About the Author

Teresa Powell Watts is married and has one daughter, Kaylin. Teresa loves being outdoors to enjoy the beauty of heaven and earth as it is so wonderfully made. She enjoys feeding the birds and going fishing with her husband Ronnie.

   Bunnies, Birds, and Puppy Tales is her first published children’s book. The illustrations were painted by her talented sister Kay Bradsher.

Teresa hopes this is the first of many stories that bring joy to children and adults alike through the fun adventures and beautiful illustrations.


(2022, hardback, 32 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review