Building a Bow Hunter

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Building a Bow Hunter: One Coloradan’s Journey

By Eric Whitaker


About the Book

Some people don’t discover a passion for something until later in life. Building a Bow Hunter: One Coloradan’s Journey is a story told from the perspective of a regular, everyday blue-collar guy who found this passion in his thirties. It’s about finding yourself and your purpose during the pursuit of happiness and amidst struggle and complications of learning new things. It’s about finding balance between reality and obsession. Perhaps readers will be motivated to seek out what captivates them and follow their passion. Here’s hoping those people can live out their destiny.


About the Author

Eric Whitaker has been a welder and fabricator by trade for sixteen years. He has an amazing supportive wife, two daughters, and a baby boy. He is interested in the supernatural, spiritual, multidimensional, and existential mysteries of life. Whitaker is also a soldier in the Colorado Army National Guard.


(2021, paperback, 74 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review