Autumn's Adventures!: "The Little Girl in the Big Chair!"

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Autumn's Adventures!: "The Little Girl in the Big Chair!"

By: Tonia Magras


About the Book


Based on the bright, precocious grandchild of author Tonia Magras, Autumn’s Adventures follows Autumn as she finds ways to help others and herself while on some very big adventures. Filled with lessons on problem-solving, relationship building, and conflict resolution through fun and exciting adventures, your child will love adding Autumn’s Adventures to their library!


About the Author

Tonia Magras is a principal owner of Hull Bay Productions, where she serves as executive producer, director, and editor. With over thirty years of production experiences which bean at PBS in Boston, she has seven Emmy Award nominations, and three Emmy wins for various documentary and production work. In 2020, she launched her own podcast, The PowerPLAY Show, which now has six awards including two awards of excellence and three awards of distinction from The Communicator Awards, an honorable mention from the Webby Awards.

                        Magras resides in Central Massachusetts with her husband Gregory, two sons, Javier and Angel, and three rescue dogs. She and Gregory are proud parents of a blended family of eight children, Ashleigh, Khyal, Jamie, Jodie, Joslyn, Angel, Delilia, Javier, and extremely proud grandparents of their beautiful and wonderful Autumn.


(2022, hardback, 210 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review