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by Wendy Luft

When little Amy Miller is born, her parents could not be happier. Both estranged from their own families, they are thrilled to finally be making one of their own. But when tragedy strikes, life as Amy knows it will be thrown upside down.

                  Anne Russell is lonely. Sure, she has her husband, but she’s looking for something else. Someone else. When a chance trip takes her to Ireland, she views this as the opportunity to find out more about her family. But one sightseeing trip leads to a discovery no one could have predicted.

                  In Amy, Wendy Luft presents two lonely individuals and their journeys to find love and family, sometimes in the most unlikely of places.

About the Author

Wendy Luft is a retired radiologic technologist. Creativity has always been a part of her life. In her free time, she plays the ukulele and sings with various groups.

(2022, paperback, 184 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review